Welcome to Aim Up!

Why do we exist?

In 2021,  16.8% of adults in Gloucestershire had a long-term, limiting health condition which affects their ability to live independently. Aim Up exists to support these individuals on their mission to live the life they want, the way they want to.

How do we support?

Our mission is to empower the increasing number of adults impacted by disability, complex needs and mental health conditions, so that they can live with the knowledge that their voices are being heard, understood and respected. We want all adults in Gloucestershire to work towards their aspirations and one day achieve them!

What services do we offer?

Aim Up exists to enable adults with disabilities, complex needs, and mental health conditions, to live the life they want. 

We implement and actualise our mission through the services
that we provide. As it stands, we offer supported living facilities, domiciliary
care and an outreach service, which supports the integration of adults into the
local community. All our services operate across Cheltenham and Gloucester. We also provide
employment opportunities for adults with a disability to learn and get certified
through the Institute of Hospitality, building the groundworks for career
progression in an industry that our local community thrive upon. 

At Aim Up we’re currently working towards building our own hub, (final name to be decided by the people we support), which will provide learning, leisure and community activities in Cheltenham. 

Some might know us as St Vincent’s and St George’s Association, in 2022 we changed our name to Aim Up. To find out more about our history, please click here.