Its National Recycling Week…

National Recycling Week, happens every year to help us celebrate the benefits of recycling and learn more about recycling. At St V’s and St G’s we’re trying to boost our recycling efforts. Our Garden Project champions recycling. Maddy and his team reuse, recycle and repurpose whatever they can. They hardly ever buy new and the poly tunnel is an Aladdin’s cave of bits and pieces that might be useful for this or that. We’re always recycling materials to make new things, repair old broken things or repurpose and reinvent.  Here, one mans rubbish really is another mans treasure. 

To celebrate National Recycling Week, we’d like to share with you some of the things that we have made at The Garden Project, so you can see just how creative recycling can be.

Skateboards into games

We had an old skate board which needed a lot of TLC, so instead of binning it – we made a game out of the wheels: The Truck Wheel Game. 

Pallets into a turbo trainer

On our mission to get fit, we worked to create our very own turbo trainer so we could cycle, without leaving the comfort of our own garden!

Cupboard doors into shelves

We always need shelves, who doesn’t? So when we decorated our bedrooms we used an old cupboard door to make some new shelves. 

T-shirts into corner flags

The garden is our sports ground, we couldn’t run our Well Close FC (our in house tiny team who are always up for a kick about) football games with out corner flags so we made some out of an old blue t-shirt. 

Tables into benches

Our CEO had a coffee table that she no longer needed, but she had always wanted a garden bench: so we made one!

Records into rooves

We had lots of duplicate records, but instead of throwing them away: we wanted to do something with them. But what can you do with a vinyl record? We made lots of hanging bird feeders, but to stop the food getting wet: we used our records as rooves.

Left overs into rooms

Since the garden opened we’ve collected lots of bits and pieces: bits of rope, left over records, the odd broken brick and much more. During a spring clear out we came up with  a plan to make use of our leftovers. We made our own bug hotel, with lots of  different rooms, which sits proudly in our small wooded area.

Cans into trophies

We love sports, from football to basket ball, our lawn is home to lots of games. We’ve even hosted our own basket ball tournament and for that, we needed a trophy. So we rummaged through recycling, and used scraps of wood to make the basket ball and a can to label the trophy.

Canvas into a screen

Who doesn’t love a big screen? When the pandemic hit, we lost touch with some of our friends, to celebrate the restrictions lifting we hosted an outdoor cinema night. We cleaned up and stretched a bit of canvas that we had left over and created our much loved screen.

Scraps to symbols

Using lots of left over scraps of wood and a bicycle wheel rim, we made our very own Garden Project symbol/logo. It now sits above our small waterfal, and we love it. 

We’re always recycling, being creative and starting new projects. If you’d like to join us at The Garden Project, or find our more please visit our Garden Project Page using the button below.