Cluckingham Palace

Nestled in the walled gardens of one of our beautiful supported living properties, lives the garden project and now our very own chicken coop. 

Over the past few years, the garden project has developed into a staple activity, providing regular opportunities to get outdoors, learn new skills and face new challenges. Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time making new things and repairing old broken things. We’ve had days out exploring our local country side and really benefitted from being outside, learning about nature, healthy eating and sustainability. 

The Garden Project is a place for both physical and mental wellbeing, relaxation and a place to recharge.  

Over the last year, the garden project became a lifeline, when all other activities we’re closed: we were open to ensure those who needed us most, could gain that support in a safe, outdoor environment. 

Looking forward, the charity has exciting projects on the horizon. Our Garden Project will soon be home to four rescue hens. Bringing our brood to the garden, is not a decision made lightly. We’ve had months of discussions, planning and research and believe now is the chance to face a new challenge, learn a lot more and provide a safe home to these lovely rescue hens. 

Before we can bring the brood home, we’ve had to make a suitable coop for them to live in. This has taken a few weeks, from design to creation, but now stands proudly in an area of our garden we always struggled to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers. 

Click through the gallery below to see how we made our chicken coop, and pop back over the coming weeks to see the final product and we shall share with you when our rescue hens move in. 

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