Help us by donating just £2 per month

It is through the generosity and support of our donors that we are able to provide the high standard of care and support on which we pride ourselves.

The £2 a month scheme allows you to make a regular, affordable donation towards the work of this local charity.

It’s easy to set up your donation.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 15.47.03Either click here to visit our secure Charities Aid Foundation page or use the payment form at the bottom of this page.

Where does my money go?

Every penny we receive in donations is used to support our beneficiaries. We have a range of services and you can inform us if you have a particular preference as to how your money is spent. Some of the ways we use current donations are:

  • Activities at Phoenix – We offer arrange of activities and therapies to those with very complex needs and profound disabilities.
  • Supported Living – The opportunity to live independently with support offers people with disabilities a life in the community rich with opportunities.
  • Residential Care – Our house offers a home to ten ladies in a picturesque setting in Cheltenham. We offer community living with 24 hour support at home and to access the community.
  • The Garden Project – We are working towards a community garden on the site of our residential house and this will feature a fully accessible garden, woodland walk, pond and bogland. We hope to support local schools and those with disabilities to enjoy all a garden and wildlife environment has to offer.
  • Vincent Court – We are excited about redeveloping the site of our old day centre to accommodate five people with profound disabilities in their own purpose-built flats, this may be their first foray into independent living and the start of a new life.

1Why £2

We know that we all face a time of economic challenges and that there are many, many worthy causes. For many people £2 is an affordable way to contribute and we promise never to badger or harass you for a greater donation.

If you would like to give more or less frequently you can tailor your donation to suit your circumstances here or via the form below.

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