New Year, new outcomes.

Together with our staff teams we set outcomes. Outcomes are goals we would like to achieve. We break them down so we can work towards them in a way that works for us. We always talk about what we would like to work towards next, and set new outcomes (big or small) every few weeks. 

But, like everyone else  New Year is the perfect time for us to begin planning what we want to do, and how we’re going to do it in 2024. 

This week, some of us thought we would share our outcomes on our blog…


” I wan’t to keep doing what I am doing. We have done quite a lot and gone to lots of places. We are going to Tewkesbury in the Spring, [my goal] is to keep going to places and meeting my friends.”


“Go to my job every week with Karen. Can I get my trike so I can ride it?”


“More cooking. I’d like to do it [cookery course] again and get new recipes. Go to choir and disco”