Welcome to our Garden Project

The garden project is the result of an All Service User annual meeting and monthly forums, in which many said that they wanted an outdoor space to enjoy the fresh air, and learn about nurturing a garden, so eventually we could have our own kitchen garden which would allow us to further develop our living skills in the kitchen! The garden project came into fruition in 2018, and is now a much loved part of our activities programme.

Our garden project is based in the large grounds of one of our supported living houses and over the last two years our gardener Maddy has worked hard to develop the space which has become an incredible asset to our services. The fully inclusive and accessible garden space, is now home to all sorts of handmade bat boxes, bird feeders, bug hotels, various growing spaces and lots more!

Even with the restrictions that have been in place during 2020, we have been lucky enough to add additional activities to our Garden Project calendar, from an outdoor cinema night to camping and bushcraft. As always we have worked to use recycled materials to make various things for our garden, and we even spent some time creating our own shelves for one of our supported living kitchens. This year our garden has struggled to produce as many fruits and veggies as we had last year, but from what we have grown we have continued to enjoy cooking and baking, alongside prepping the garden for autumn and winter.

Keep checking back to see what we get up to at the garden project!

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